Timely Art Visions

An Artist's Illustration of the Book of Revelation

The Seven Trumpets


TRUMPET 1–Hail and Fire Mixed with Blood Hurled to the earth…Revelation 8: 6-7

TRUMPET 2 –A Mountain Thrown into the Sea, Turning it to Blood…Revelation 8: 8-9

TRUMPET 3–The Star Wormwood (i.e. Bitterness) Falls like a Torch…Revelation 8: 10-11

TRUMPET 4–The Heavens Struck One Third…Revelation 8: 12-13

TRUMPET 5 –The Gigantic Furnace and Plague of Locust…Revelation 9: 1-12

TRUMPET 6–A Voice Coming from the Altar and Release of the Four Angels…Revelation 9: 13-21

TRUMPET 7–The Temple Opened, an Earthquake: Judgment and Rewards…Revelation 11: 15-19

The Seven Trumpets has seven of her vivid visual metaphors with her elaborate explanations derived from the scriptures of the Book of Revelation and provides insight as to what and why the artist included these contemporary ideas in her interpretation that all come from her diligent study of the entire Bible.This E-Book depicts each of the seven trumpets as it warns about a different aspect of the earth’s judgment and destruction during the process of occurrence. These depict the second seven judgments which act as warnings or alarms to hearken mankind to turn from his own way and return to the beckoning of GOD before it is too late.

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