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An Artist's Illustration of the Book of Revelation


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Devi Anne Moore is an inspirational spiritual artist who also teaches in her studio, Bezalel Studio.  She holds a BFA in painting from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, an MFA in studio art from Old Dominion University, and an MA in Theology from Regent University, where she teaches Engaging the Arts. She is most noted for her amazing art of the entire Book of Revelation, art now available in seven eBooks. These eBooks are a phenomenal way of meditating on the verses as they correlate to the images, and they make great gifts.


From an early age Devi describes herself saying, “I knew I was an artist since the age of 12.”   Even in the 70’s while in art school, she was told painting was dead, but she refused to believe that and continued to teach herself what was not taught in the school.  As a result, she learned a special way to teach others fine art.  She says, “I feel that artists are perpetual students who love to learn and grow in their areas of interest.  It is a journey just like faith.  What excites her as an artist is the desire to express faith and spiritual understanding in a visual way.  Her art gives a visual platform for the invisible, sometimes with provocation since Art gives rise to a dialogue about controversial things. “


Her award winning work has been exhibited widely within the national art community in museums, galleries, universities,  art centers, and co-ops.  The art has also been featured in magazines such as “Christianity and the Arts”, “Bible Review”, and is featured as a column in “Touching His Heart”. Her “White Throne Judgment” was chosen one of the “Top Ten” in the international call for art, “Jesus 2000”. She also has several other bodies of work including “The Land of Contrast” depicting the area of En Gedi near the Dead Sea in Israel.

Request an appointment by contacting the River Place to see all 49 in person. Make sure you let artist know you did. email her at Devianne@tav-art.org

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