Timely Art Visions

An Artist's Illustration of the Book of Revelation

The Seven Interludes

Interlude 1–Receiving the Revelation…Revelation 1:1-20

Interlude 2–Angel with the Little Scroll…Revelation 10

Interlude 3–The Two Witnesses and the Living Torah…Revelation 11:1-14

Interlude 4, 5, & 6–The Final Harvest: the Sheep and the Goats (Triptych)…Revelation 14:6-20 and Revelation 19

Interlude 7–Armageddon at the Great Winepress…Revelation 19 and Revelation 14


The Seven Interludes has seven of her vivid visual metaphors with her elaborate explanations derived from the scriptures of the Book of Revelation and provides insight as to what and why the artist included these contemporary ideas in her interpretation that all come from her diligent study of the entire Bible.

These are seven pertinent interludes, which lace the Book of Revelation together which are interspersed throughout the scriptures and help as transitions to the book. They caught her imagination as significant markers as all the mysterious events unfold.

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