Timely Art Visions

An Artist's Illustration of the Book of Revelation

The Seven Thrones

Throne 1–Door Standing Open in Heaven…Revelation 4


Door Standing Open in Heaven

Throne 2–Lamb With Seven Eyes Takes the Scroll… Revelation 5

Throne 3– The Great Multitudes…Revelation 7

Throne 4– Wedding Invitation…Revelation 19

Throne 5–The Great White Judgment…Revelation 20

Throne 6–New Jerusalem Descending as a Bride…Revelation 21

Throne 7–River of Life in New Jerusalem…Revelation 22


The Seven Thrones  has seven of her vivid visual metaphors with her elaborate explanations derived from the scriptures of the Book of Revelation and provides insight as to what and why the artist included these contemporary ideas in her interpretation that all come from her diligent study of the entire Bible.

The Seven Thrones are derived from the periodic text, which invoke our response of worship to our only true God. In these sections, God makes it clear our eternal purpose and place for worshiping Him alone with all glory and honor due His Name. These are glory glimpses amidst judgment and terror to encourage and keep us focused on THE Plan of salvation all must work out in fear and trembling, –enduring to the end.

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